Donate with Debbie: How to thrift shop part two

Ohio thrifting with your personal closet coach.

Debbie, your closet coach here! I know thrifting can seem pretty intimidating at first; but I’m here to walk you through my second guide to thrift shopping right here in Ohio. Get ready to dive into your closet, then hit the racks at your favorite Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio thrift store.

  1. Clean out your closet – Before setting out on your thrifting mission, scour your own closet for pieces you haven’t worn yet this season. Thrifting can help give new life to items that have been shoved in the back of your closet for months – giving you the push to finally wear them. Snap some photos on your phone so you can compare while shopping.
  2. Donate – Diving into your closet won’t just give you inspiration when you hit the aisles, it will also help you make room for all your new finds. You can donate your clothes directly at the thrift store, or drop them off at a drop box location. Savvy thrifters will follow the “one in one out” rule to keep clutter down – for every item you buy, bring one to donate.
  3. Know your trends – Browse mainstream brands’ websites, flip through fashion magazines or check out your favorite blog to get an idea of emerging trends to hone in on while you’re at the store.
  4. Mobile Apps – Do some quick research in-store with popular shopping apps. Use the Etsy app to search for trending vintage items and average prices of the vintage brands you may find, or community apps like Finds to see what other shoppers are picking up.
  5. What to bring – Thrift shopping is a marathon, not a sprint. You won’t regret curating the perfect thrifting playlist to keep you energized and motivated. You may also want to grab a large eco friendly grocery bag if you’re not in the mood for a cart and want to take home your finds in a reusable bag. And don’t forget, all Volunteers of America thrift store items are 50 percent off the last Tuesday of every month.

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