Thrifting Your Home Workspace

Working from home is the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. So how’s that at-home desk situation looking? If your workspace is looking more like a pile of papers than an organized space then Volunteers of America thrift stores are here to help. Declutter your work environment without spending a ton of money. Keep your budgets and your work sanity in a healthy place.


That employee stock room you took for granted? Yeah it’s gone. But you can find the supplies you need at our thrift stores.

Desk supplies


That kitchen chair isn’t built for you to sit all day in it and that folding table you pulled out from the basement...we think you can do better.

Office chair and desk


“Where is everything?” Is this phrase taking over your work day? Our thrift stores have what you need to organize your workspace so you don’t have to scramble for a pen during your next Zoom meeting.

Desk organizers


We would be remiss if we didn’t point out that you can find a great at home work wardrobe for less at Volunteers of America thrift stores. Find a blazer to throw on during video calls, find yoga pants to wear under that blazer, find everything you need and more at a great price.

Blazer and shirt

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