The “Thrift Night” Challenge with Volunteers of America Thrift

Running out of ideas for your date nights? Take the "Thrift Night" challenge! What is the “Thrift Night” challenge? It’s a fun twist on your date night. Couples go to a thrift store with a spending limit, $5, $10, or $20, whatever you want to spend. Then you and your partner pick out outfits for each other that they have to wear on your date. The gaudier and more outrageous the better. So how can you do this at our Volunteers of America Thrift Stores?

Step 1: Head to your nearest VOA Thrift store. We have locations in Columbus, Grove City, Pickerington and Mansfield and all the way up to Aurora, Brunswick and North Olmsted.

Step 2: Start picking out outfits for each other. Remember, whatever is picked, you each have to wear on your date. Have fun with it! Layer clothing, find colorful shoes, or even an old prom dress!

Step 3: Find a fun place to show off your new outfits. Go bowling in your prom dress, eat dinner in the loudest suit you could find, or stand out at a late night bar’s trivia night.

If you try this please tag us @voathrift on Facebook and Instagram or by using #voathriftdatenight. Happy thrifting!