Resolution Season


It’s past mid-January in the new year and some of us are still trying to figure out where 2022 went! Others had their 2023 plans ready to go before the tree went up. Whether you’re “running late,” or you’ve sprinted ahead, there’s always time to take a look at your aspirations for the year and adjust.

Set yourself up for success! At VOA Thrift, there are a few goals we can easily help you achieve in 2023.

Giving Back to Your Community. This might feel like a big lift, but at VOA Thrift, it’s not! You can donate your gently used items to our thrift stores and in doing so, you’re giving hope to homeless veterans, families, and individuals in your community. Your donations and purchases keep our thrift stores thriving so we can provide services that address specific community needs. With your support, we help people reach their full potential.

Get Organized. Many people set goals to clean out the garage, attic, or the whole house. It all starts with decluttering your space from the items you no longer need. That’s where we come in! You can stop by one of our convenient locations to drop off your items for donation or schedule a pickup to save yourself from making multiple trips. Check out the list of gently used items you can donate to your local VOA Thrift.

Reduce Spending. The world is getting expensive, and it can be hard to save money! But at VOA Thrift, you can snag amazing finds at great value to help you stick to your budget. Whether you need a new end table for your living room or you’re looking to freshen up your home décor, it’s all within your budget at VOA Thrift.

Sticking to your goals can be a challenge, but with VOA Thrift, it's easy! Let us help you check those boxes in the “win column” at the end of 2023.

Here's to finding success and giving hope to your community in the New Year.

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