Last-Minute Thrifty Holiday Decorations


It’s the week of Christmas, are your holiday decorations sparkling in the windows? Everyone decorates for the holidays differently. Some have had the tree up since November, some have had wreaths on the door since October, and some love waiting until the last possible moment and decorating the week of Christmas when spirits are high.

Whether you’re scrambling to get all decorations up or looking for that last final touch to your winter wonderland, we’ve got you covered at VOA Thrift. Stop by this week to find decorations big and small, sparkly and classic, or over-the-top.

If you’re looking for a simple DIY holiday decorating project, we’ve got you covered there too. Check out our how-to guide below to add a simple sparkle to your windows or walls.

1. Gather the necessary items:

Bulb ornaments of any kind

String, ribbon, or twine

Leftover wrapping paper roll, or for a more rustic look, you can use a 3-foot stick from your yard!

Optional: lights (battery operated table lights or plug-in tree lights) or greenery


2. Prepare the foundation post

If you’re using a wrapping paper roll, you can cover it with ribbon or wrapping paper, paint and glitter, whatever you prefer. If you’re using a stick, make sure to trim any extra branches if you want a cleaner rustic look.

3. Prepare the hanging bulbs

Cut the ribbon at varying lengths and tie to each bulb loop.


4. Prepare your layout

Lay out each tied ribbon bulb in a line to get an idea of your spacing before tying to the foundation post.


You can add an extra string to the top if you plan to hang from hooks on the wall too!


5. Add the finishing touches

Tie the ribbon to the foundation post with a couple of inches between each tied piece. Add lights or greenery for an extra sparkle if you’d like!


And there you go! A simple do-it-yourself holiday decoration project in 5 easy steps. Remember, if you’re not up for a DIY project, check out our wide selection of holiday decorations at amazing value!

Happy holidays to all!