[Infographic] 4 reasons why our drug addiction treatment center works for mothers

There has been plenty of great reporting on the complex opioid epidemic in Indiana--the cost to Indiana taxpayers, the link to HIV outbreaks, the negative impact on children. This 168-page IUPUI study on Indiana's opioid problem goes in depth on all of these related issues. So, we won't go into depth on the problem itself.

Here at Volunteers of America of Indiana, we believe in healthy families, motherhood, and second chances. So we are working hard to make a difference with our Fresh Start Recovery Center, a drug addiction recovery center in Indianapolis for mothers, which (DCS permitting) allows children to stay with their mothers while the mothers undergo treatment, which increases success rates for the women. Addiction treatment is a hard field of work, and we're really proud of how well our clients have done. This infographic shows a comparison of our Fresh Start Recovery Center to other drug rehab centers in Indiana, and highlights four of the reasons why mothers in our program are seeing better results.

Infographic about the Fresh Start Recovery Center

The need is so great that we have plans and are raising funds to renovate our building to quadruple our service capacity. Learn more about the Fresh Start Recovery Center, or, if you also believe in healthy families, motherhood, and second chances, donate online to help us expand the center.