Employee Spotlight: Nicole Chinn

Nicole Chinn, Program Director - Residential Reentry

Nicole Chinn, Program Director
Residential Reentry
  |  Mansfield, OH

Every day I am inspired by my team and the work that we do.

We are like a family who comes together to guide, teach and help our residents have a successful reentry back into the community. 

With every program, we have expectations, but this team goes above and beyond. For example, one of our staff members wanted to honor our residents beyond the normal, informal graduation. She came to me about the idea and we started to brainstorm and plan. On November 15, we held our 1st Annual Graduation Ceremony. Formal invitations were sent and they could invite two guests (family, friends, staff, other peers). 

The day of the ceremony, there was this excitement in the air. We had four staff stay late into the evening to decorate, set up appetizers and drinks and prepare a presentation. Each graduate was given a key with an inspirational quote and called up to the podium to share their experience at Volunteers of America. I got teary-eyed multiple times. 

Sitting there listening to these men, who have not always successfully accomplished their goals, talk about their successes was touching. Each one shared their journey and I was so proud of them for their effort in the program and their courage to speak about it to everyone. They even chanted my name and made me give a speech. 

I was nervous, but when I started to speak to them, I became emotional because, in that moment, I realized just how much of an impact we truly have on the lives of those we serve. 

Needless to say, there will be plenty of future graduation ceremonies at Mansfield Residential Reentry Program.

I am a party planner and am always the go-to person, personally and professionally, to make fun events happen! And I love every minute of it!

I love to scrapbook and am obsessed with murder mysteries…Destin, Florida is my absolute favorite vacation spot and I love Italian food. 

I have worked for Volunteers of America since December 2011. All eight years have been at Mansfield Residential Reentry Program working my way from a Case Manager to the Senior Program Director.

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