Because of you, hope is found.

Dear Friends,

What a year! A year ago, I shared what we were experiencing at the onset of the pandemic, when things seemed uncertain. Honestly looking back, didn’t March 2020 feel like the longest month ever?

Yet every day, we put on our masks, armed ourselves with prayer, asked for help, and pushed forward as best as we could … together.

So, here we are today, April 2021, and something’s different.
You can hear it and feel it. It’s hope, and it is everywhere.

And, if we’ve learned anything this past year, hope is real, and it has the power to change everything.

How beautiful is it that we came together as a community to fill the world with hope?

We believed together we could make a difference.
And, we did … because of our community of support.

I’m honored to share our Gratitude Report with you. It is all about the lives inspired by hope this past year. The compassion of our community became hope found in the darkest of moments. There are countless hearts who’ve benefitted from kindness.

Take a moment to read about Thomas and see how hope has uplifted his life. 

Most of all, I really want to thank our amazing communities for your help this year. Looking forward, I’m filled with hope and gratitude, for what lies ahead, because of all of you.

You can keep inspiring people with hope as they work to achieve well-being.

Just believe in the power of your kind heart.

Yes, I Believe Hope Changes Lives.

John R. von Arx III
President & CEO