5 Tips for Finding "The Good Stuff"

If you follow any re-sellers or thrift aficionados on social media you might wonder, how do they find all these great items? What are they doing that I’m not? We are here to give you a look into tips and tricks that these thrift savvy shoppers use to make sure they find “the good stuff.”

Go early

There are several benefits to getting up and hitting thrift stores early. First, you can browse through items with minimal interruption because, unless it’s a sale day, thrift stores tend to be quiet in the morning. Second, you are the first person to see new items coming out into the store. As thrift store employees get into their routine, newly processed items will start coming out and you can be the first to check them out.

Go often

Did you know each of our stores average 5,000 new items a day? That’s around 225,000 new items a week! Planning trips multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, raises the odds of finding that unique piece you’re looking for. Whether you plan to shop early or pop in on your lunch break, there’s always something new.

Look through everything

It may be time consuming, but making sure you go through everything is the only way to make sure you don’t miss anything. Oftentimes clothes can become caught or stuck to each other, items can get pushed to the back of a shelf or even moved to another area. Taking the time to quickly assess each item will help you find that hidden gem. It’s well worth the time!

Visit multiple stores

It’s like they say in real estate: location, location, location. Items that are dropped off at our Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana thrift stores are processed at that location, meaning local items stay local. That’s why it’s worth your time to check out multiple thrift store locations to see what each community is donating. You can even make a thrift shopping map out of the information gather to streamline your shopping trips.

Don’t skip sections

Never hit up linens? Usually skip housewares or kid’s clothing? Then you’re missing out on half the store! Resellers know that some of their best items can come from the unlikeliest of places. Name brand kids clothing or highly sought-after toys appeal to an audience that wants to save money, but doesn’t always have time to search the thrift racks. Linens are a great place to find material for DIY projects and if you’re really crafty, DIY clothing.

You don’t have to be a professional reseller or social influencer to use these tricks. Whether you’re looking for a new dining table or you’re hoping someone donates a PINK sweatshirt, you can apply these tricks to make sure you find what you want.

Find a Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana thrift store near you and start thrifting!