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4 Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet

Many of us are stuck inside, working on flattening the curve to hopefully speed up our return to normal. During this time, why not declutter your house while helping Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana? That’s right cleaning out your closet helps us provide services to those who need it most. Looking at your closet and feeling overwhelmed? Follow the four steps below and you’ll have a clean closet in no time!

1. Get rid of the “what-if” pieces

Letting go of those “what if” pieces is intimidating and the excuses are many. What if this trend comes back? What if I lose weight? What if I just sewed a patch on that hole? To combat the “what-ifs”, make sure you can answer yes to each of the following questions:

  • Is this flattering?
  • Am I comfortable in it?
  • Does it fit me right now (not when I lose 10 pounds)?
  • Can any damage (stains or holes) be fixed?
  • Can I think of more than one place I can wear it?
  • Does it go with other things in my wardrobe?
  • Have I worn it in the past year?

2. Place in Piles: Yes, no, maybe

As you answer the above questions, you can start the pile method. Items that get the go ahead from the questions above go in the “yes” pile, anything you have to think about for more than 30 seconds goes in the “maybe” and any “no” pieces go in the donate pile. Be ruthless! The more you weed out, the more room you will have for clothes you will actually wear.

3. The hanger trick

Now that you have everything in order, there are simple steps you can take to make your next spring cleaning less daunting. When you bring out your spring clothes, turn all of your hangers backward on the rod. Then, when you wear a piece of clothing, return it to the rack facing the front. This way when you go through your closet again, you’ll know which pieces you don’t wear.

4. Donation bag

Hang a sturdy, extra-large tote in a central location or by the back door and designate it for clothes, housewares, toys and other items that you decide to give away. When the bag is full, grab it and head to a Volunteers of America thrift store or drop off location to donate.

If you have any items to donate to Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana, you can donate at a store or drop box location.