4 Activities to Stay Busy While Staying at Home

We’ve been staying home more than ever before and at this point, you may be running out of creative, fun things to do. Your Volunteers of America thrift stores are here to help! Check out these five easy activities you and your family can do while staying at home (featuring items from our thrift stores). 

1. Board games and puzzles

    Your usual go-to games have lost their luster and that 500 piece Thomas Kincaid puzzle isn’t cutting it anymore. Head to your local VOA thrift store to find a wide variety of new-to-you board games and puzzles! You’ll add new entertainment to your home and avoid chain-store prices.

    2. Easy art projects 

    You don’t need to be a Pinterest pro to create these fun and easy art projects.

    Graphic String Art

    You’ll actually want to put this wall-art project on your wall!

    What you’ll need:

    • Wood slab
    • Mini Nails
    • Hammer
    • Thread
    • Scissors

    No-Sew Rag Quilt

    No sewing machine required for this DIY rag quilt. You can create a custom piece for your home with as many different patterns as you’d like. Be sure to check the linen section in your VOA thrift store for fun, inexpensive fabrics to use!

    Colorful no-sew quilt laying on white bed. A teal and blue pillow are on top of the quilt.

    What you'll need:

    • Variety of five different 1/2 yard sized fleece prints
    • 1 1/3 yards single print or solid for the backing
    • Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat
    • Fabric scissors

    3. Repair worn items

    Stretch your dollar by repairing and recycling worn items already in your home. Whether it’s a piece of clothing with a hole or furniture with an outdated exterior, you can save money and the environment by using what you already have.

    No-sew hole repair

    What you'll need:

    • Damaged shirt (hole should be in the shape of a pinhole, measuring to 5 millimeters or less)
    • Iron
    • Ironing board
    • Fusible bonding web
    • Cutaway stabilizer
    • Any non-textured cotton cloth, free of printing or embellishments
    • Spray bottle filled with water

    Upcycling for Beginners
    We can’t all be as great at upcycling as the people on Flea Market Flip. That’s why this guide from House Beautiful is the perfect place to start for those looking for simple, easy projects to begin your upcycling journey.

    A few highlights:

    • Give all furniture a wipe down before you start, otherwise, you could get an old cobweb stuck to your paintbrush.
    • Speaking of paintbrushes, spend a few extra pennies for better quality paintbrushes. Cheap ones may leave bristles in your work and don't give the best coverage.

    4. Store and organize

    Is your kid’s schoolwork laying all around the house? Have you covered your kitchen table in work documents and coffee cups? Our thrift stores can help get you organized.

    Check out this great project from Life on Kaydeross Creek to upcycle storage boxes from the thrift store into beautiful organization pieces for your desk.